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Leadership for the Occupational Hygiene Profession and your Future!

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Date: Sunday 26 April 2015

Cost: £228.00
How to Book: Email conferences@bohs.org

Surveys from business and organizational executives confirm that employers want strong leadership and communication skills in their EHS professionals in addition to sound technical/scientific attributes. Understanding key principles for building leadership skills and teamwork are what make the difference in achieving organizational and individual success.

This PDC will focus on strengthening leadership skills and attributes critical to leading teams, programs and business. The course content and interactive elements are based on concepts from the AIHA “Future Leaders Institute (FLI)” and the top rated “Functional Leadership” PDC. The integrated workshops will focus on understanding personality styles and the basics of teamwork critical to increasing the leadership, communications and organizational alignment skills of the EHS professional at any point in their career. The skills illustrated in presentations, group discussion and workshops are critical to optimize individual effectiveness and being a valued member of your enterprise.

Experiences shared by individuals throughout presentations and during workshops play an integral part of learning necessary to make good things happen in today’s demanding and complex work environment.


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