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Sally Spankie,



Sally is a researcher with the Exposure Assessment group at the IOM and has previously worked in industrial research (environmental auditing, waste minimisation and occupational hygiene) in the UK and in Africa. She has been involved in conducting occupational hygiene research in the area of exposure assessment to hazardous substances. This has involved measurement campaigns, e.g. monitoring of particle size distributions in the metals and nano sectors using cascade impactors and real-time instruments respectively, and the development and application of models to estimate exposure for regulatory and aggregate exposure assessment purposes. Sally has been involved in human health exposure assessments and developing exposure scenarios as required by the REACH Regulations. She has also worked on a semi-quantitative systematic approach for use in estimating the activity emission potential for vapours and in assessing other aspects of the mechanistic model in the Advanced Reach Tool (ART) for the metals and petrochemicals sectors.


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