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Michael Riediker,



Michael Riediker is Director of Operations, SAFENANO, IOM Singapore and head of the research group “Particles and Health” at the Institute for Work and Health in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is a certified Occupational Hygienist SGAH/IOHA and obtained his Masters and Doctoral Degree in Natural Sciences, Environmental Health at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

He is a researcher experienced in human panel and clinical studies about the health effects of nanomaterials, fine airborne particles, and noise. His recent research focused on the evaluation of health effects caused by noise and particles that originate from industrial manufacturing processes but also from road traffic. He also investigates in laboratory and field studies how material properties, activities and process characteristics affect exposure to nanomaterials; and how risk assessment and prevention strategies can be improved by applying economic optimisation theories to occupational health issues.


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