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Dr Perry Logan PhD, CIH

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Manager, Corporate Industrial Hygiene & Global EHS Team Leader, 3M


Perry is currently manager for 3M Corporate Industrial Hygiene and leader for 3M’s Global EHS Team both providing leadership, technical support and governance to manufacturing operations worldwide.  He holds degrees in chemical engineering (BS), industrial hygiene (MS) and environmental health (PhD).  His previous professional experience includes environmental, health and safety at large manufacturing facilities, occupational hygiene consulting, hazardous waste operations, and emergency response.  Perry has presented many professional development courses, workshops and technical presentations on leadership, professional judgment, comprehensive exposure assessment, Bayesian and mathematical exposure modeling, surface and air sampling system technologies for occupational hygiene.  Perry is currently an Advising Professor for the University of Minnesota, College of Public Health, actively engaged in supporting graduate student research projects and mentoring.  He was the 2006 AIHA Kusnetz Award recipient, past chair of AIHA’s Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee (2009) and Gas and Vapor Detection Systems (2002) Committees.  He has provided leadership for the AIHA Future Leaders Institute (2011), Professional Conference of Industrial Hygiene (2010-2012) and many science and technical symposiums.  Perry is Past President of the AIHA Academy of Industrial Hygiene charged with supporting professional certification and strengthening professional practice globally.


Perry will be talking about the following:


Building Leadership Skills to Strengthen Your Career and Our Profession

Occupational hygiene professionals are tasked with understanding, managing and preventing significant exposures that lead to adverse health effects across every industry throughout our world of diverse work and communities.  To a non-professional this may sound fairly simple in principle to achieve.  However in practice occupational hygiene requires strong leadership, communication and teamwork skills to drive changes that ultimately protect people and communities.  It is not surprising that surveys of business and organizational executive confirm that employers want strong leadership and communication skills in their EHS professionals in addition to excellent scientific and technical expertise.  Yet, many informal surveys of occupational hygiene professionals illustrate that most have extensive technical education but do not have formal “leadership” training.  Feedback from practitioners indicate that most obtain leadership skills are learned “on the job”, by “trial and error” and through mentoring with peers.  Leadership is no different than any other set of technical skills; they can also be learned through effective training programs and professional development opportunities.

This interactive presentation will explore core concepts of leadership and opportunities to more formalize leadership training opportunities that will benefit every occupational hygiene professional and our global occupational hygiene profession.

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Website: www.3m.com/sustainability


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