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Occupational Exposure Banding and Control Banding in the Workplace

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Date: Sunday 26 April 2015

Cost: £228.00
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Chemicals are being introduced into commerce at a rate which significantly outpaces the development of authoritative Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs). Practitioners often rely on authoritative OELs to support the implementation of the hierarchy of controls, from identifying chemicals for elimination or substitution to targeting necessary engineering controls. Occupational Exposure Banding uses available toxicological data to create a range of concentrations or an Occupational Exposure Band (OEB), to control chemical exposures. The objective of this session is to examines 1) The proposed NIOSH OEB approach as well as alternate approaches to derive an OEB 2) the application of the OEB in control banding applications.This course will highlight the array of different sources and types of OEBs and control banding, their uses and limitations, and the linkage betwe en them. Together the available tools provide a continuum of resources and tools that can assist occupational risk assessment needs. This course will also provide users guides and hands on training on resources available for IH professionals, including training in small groups facilitated by experts and designers of the OEB and Control Banding methodology.


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