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Limits Based on Control Banding

Time: 09:00 - 10:00

Date: Tuesday 28 April 2015

7th International Control Banding Workshop

In 2002 the initiative and vision of IOHA improved our profession. International experts on practical chemical control came to London on 4-5 November 2002 for the first International Control Banding Workshop (ICBW). Control banding (CB) is now applied in over 50 countries, incorporated in national and multinational regulations, and is finding its proper place within the broader context of risk assessment and risk management. Research and practical applications of CB are now ubiquitous in technical literature and efforts toward standardization and proper categorization of its tools will continue into the future. The topic of CB has become integrated into university curriculums around the world and is assisting in the essential growth of the Occupational Hygiene profession within developing and transitional economies. The “banding” strategies have also expanded to hazards, risks, occupational exposures and more. The concept of CB now goes well beyond the control of chemical risks and practical applications can be found within and between the occupational hygiene, health, safety, and environmental professions. The ICBWs have been held on four continents and have played critical role in this expansion of range and application of practical solutions. Bringing this 7th ICBW to IOHA 2015 in London, back to where it all began, helps to make this a truly special event. The 7ICBW will be a full-day workshop held over four sessions that once again brings together international experts. Our goal is to encourage audience participation as we identify strengths, weaknesses, and research gaps in CB science and practice. We encourage your attendance throughout the 7ICBW program so that we can develop a plan of action for the years ahead together.


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