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Effective Industrial Hygiene Management of Petrochemical Turnarounds and Related Projects

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Date: Sunday 26 April 2015

Cost: £228.00
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Many industries utilize large-scale preventive maintenance activities of operating units including petrochemical plants, electric utilities, shipbuilding, and construction, commonly termed a turnaround or outage. Potential hazards include process and cleaning chemicals as well as mechanically generated exposures (e.g. welding, grinding, burning, etc.). Worker location, often in confined spaces, increases the difficulty in controlling these hazards. These projects involve a large influx of workers and specialty contractors who may be unfamiliar with facility hazards while introducing their own hazards. The challenge to H&S professionals is the timely evaluation and control of numerous exposures occurring simultaneously at varied locations. This involves significant planning, on-the-spot hazard assessment, and control implementation requiring interaction with contractors, consultants, and management.

Successful strategies are discussed for hazard identification, field procedure development, and resource management. Participants will learn methods integrating these elements into an efficient and effective H&S plan including the use of job aids and checklists to assist in managing exposure evaluations and selection of engineering and PPE controls.


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