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Biological Monitoring for Chemical Exposures at Work – An Introduction

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Date: Sunday 26 April 2015

Cost: £228.00
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Biological monitoring is a useful tool for occupational hygiene and health professionals. It is based on the analysis of hazardous substances or their metabolites in urine, blood or breath, and is used to assess chemical exposures by inhalation, ingestion and absorption through the skin. Biological monitoring for workers significantly exposed to lead is compulsory in many countries. For other substances, biological monitoring is usually voluntary (country-dependent) but it has roles in exposure assessment and reduction, for example under CoSHH. Biological monitoring is particularly valuable where substances may be absorbed through the skin or where control of exposure relies on personal protective equipment. It can also be used to investigate the behavioural aspects of exposure controls. A further benefit is the ‘personal’ nature of biological monitoring: results can be used to give workers reassurance about their exposure and risk of ill health.

This workshop is an overview of biological monitoring and how it can enhance the service that occupational hygiene and health professionals offer. It will cover the role for biological monitoring in exposure assessment, the practicalities of setting up a biological monitoring programme and how to interpret and act on results. It will use case studies and practical sessions to reinforce learning.


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