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Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA)

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The Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) was formed to promote better standards of occupational hygiene practice throughout the world. It provides an internationally recognised programme of study for students anywhere to attain recognised qualifications which are transferable between countries. OHTA develops training materials and makes them freely available for use by students and training providers via the website www.ohlearning.com. The website acts as a hub, encouraging communication between students and training providers and enabling training providers to advertise course events worldwide.

There are currently eight OHTA approved courses and two others posted for review. Of the eight approved courses, one is at foundation level for those who wish to study the basic principles of occupational hygiene. Seven are at intermediate level, for those who wish to develop technical skills and competence in defined areas of occupational hygiene in order to undertake occupational hygiene in the workplace. Studying six modules can lead to the International Certificate in Occupational Hygiene (ICertOH). This also contributes to the training required to prepare for full professional accreditation under one of the IOHA NAR schemes. The international qualifications scheme has a modular design giving students the flexibility to choose courses that build on their existing qualifications and fit in more easily with their job demands.

As a not-for-profit organisation, OHTA benefits greatly from the assistance of volunteers and donations or sponsorship from occupational hygiene organisations. Its aims are to be inclusive, straightforward, transparent, accessible and engaging, in the belief that adhering to these operating principles will help to grow the global occupational hygiene community and encourage consensus standards. Come along if you want to know more about the courses, how to become a training provider, to volunteer or just to have a chat.

Since May 2010 over 450 course events have been held in 39 countries with nearly 4,400 students taking the examinations.  International collaboration continues as national associations, examining boards, training providers and employers work together to improve the quality and accessibility of occupational hygiene training.

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